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1329 - Latin school,  1675 - grammar school,  2000 - silver Road Ahead Prize



Laurentianum ?  That sounds old, even Latin. And that is exactly what our school is like. It has been established that a Latin school has existed since 1329 in the little town in the Muensterland, which itself developed from a little parish in around 800 AD into a trading center.
Altes Lau jetzt VHS
Laurentianum (1828 - 1928)

From its very beginning, the   "Schola Latina"  or Latin school has reflected the various upturns and declines of the town as well as the general religious and social history. By the 16th century it had developed into the most important municipal school in the region. In 1675 the Franciscans took over the town's Latin school to convert and extend it into a fully comprehensive grammar school.
Altes Lau jetzt Stadtverwaltung
Laurentianum (1928 - 1974)

In the 19th century  first the LAURENTIANUM was a "Hoehere Buergerschule" and then "Koenigliches Gymnasium". Since then it has reflected all education policy developments in Germany, being called "Staatliches Gymnasium", "Deutsche Oberschule" and since 1975 municipal "GYMNASIUM LAURENTIANUM".
Laurentianum (1974 - )

987 students, 59 teachers, two secretaries and one caretaker fill the modern building at the edge of the town with life. They learn and teach English or Latin as the first foreign language, later French and Italian or Russian can be chosen. Natural sciences are especially encouraged, computer science being an integral part of the school's profile. Many of our students have been successful in school competitions and won numerous prizes. Up to now seven former "Laurentians" have managed to gain a stipendium of the highly regarded "STUDIENSTIFTUNG DES DEUTSCHEN VOLKES". The arts and social sciences also offer a wide variety of attractive subjects.
Marlis Ermer

But not only sciences are encouraged. We also do music and theater, a lot of sports, send our hockey, soccer and gymnastics teams to tournaments. A big band, several school bands, an orchestra, choirs and other musical groups exist at our school. Literary courses producing regular theater performances and biannual musical productions also belong to our school life. In addition to the normal lessons we offer a varied range of voluntary study-groups.

Visit the the virtual LAURENTIANUM via our website in the Internet. With the help of over 5400 files we would like to introduce you to our school, our town, our projects and our latest activities. You can find the following topics on our website:

  • Website guide, overviews, index, archive.
  • VAL, "Verein Alter Laurentianer".
  • Calendar, information, news, current events.
  • Several files to download, amongst others: the "Latin city-guide for WARENDORF", the "Titanic program", some tools for the computing lessons.
  • Schule
  • Our school: principal, classes, rooms, our building.
  • Lessons: texts and pictures from some subjects.
  • Study-groups: texts and pictures from some groups, our musicals, from the German science contest "Jugend forscht".
  • Stadt
  • Our small town, surrounding, countryside and region: the town of WARENDORF and its surroundings, numerous hints and tips, "picture-book", geographic, historic and tourist advice.
  • Latein
  • The "Latin page": several contribution from Latin at the LAURENTIANUM.
  • Projekte
  • Projects: several computer activities
  • Titanic
  • The Titanic project: a more extensive contribution from the computing lessons.
  • RAP 2K
  • Multimedia Competitions
  • Road Ahead Prize 2000: 50 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland - in Warendorf
  • Stars@Bytes: Internet für alle
  • Join Multimedia 2001: Zeitinsel Kalkriese
  • Join Multimedia 2002: Josef Albers - An Invitation to See / Frauen und Mathematik? Na klar!

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